Tuesday, April 17, 2012

so about that

In case you couldn't tell from my previous post I have a new love interest. Big shocker. This one is pretty stellar and I wasn't sure how to approach the subject of turning just friends into something more so my Bishop encouraged to just put it too paper. And I did exactly that. I don't know if I will ever actually re-write it out on paper and give it to him or if I will just man up and say it too his face, but either way I have got to get the hell out of the "friend zone". Damn that friend zone, a place no woman should ever find herself when it comes to the right guy for her. Suggestions on how to get out?

A letter to the One.

Dear You,

You have many names none of which I can put on here, one of them you know but most you don't. One never knows how to approach the subject of laying it all on the line, but I was encouraged by a man of infinite wisdom and faith to put it in a letter and hold onto it for awhile. I however think a written and printed letter is a dangerous thing to just have on my person, so I decided to write in my blog; a place I know is safe because no self respecting manly man would read something this sappy on his own volition.

We have been friends for some months now and ours is a friendship that I cherish beyond measure. You took care of me when I was recovering from surgery, laugh at my jokes, share your workouts with me, pick tables up one handed, tell me when I have pen on my face and show me where, you love my food and eat it in on a regular basis, you check on me if I am sick, you're kind, loving, strong, grounded, you laugh at me cause I don't eat pointy french fries and you secretly love my nickname for you (even if it was revealed while I was under the influence).

For all of the reasons above and a few more I find that my feelings for you are beginning to change and grow into something stronger than friendship because the characteristics you posses are ones that I would seek in someone that I would like to pursue a relationship with. So my request is this; if there is a chance that you see this friendship potentially growing into something more please let me know and if it is your wish to remain friends that is alright with me too, I would like to know so that I might stop these feelings from continuing to grow and we can keep our friendship right where it is.

So Big Handsome, there it is. Time for me keep fish or cut the bait.



Monday, January 9, 2012


So I realize my posts are a bit out of order... but no one ever accused me of being an organized or orderly person... so there. This year was my first Christmas away from my my family entirely. Last year I managed to go to California to my Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas, but this year my best friend and her family took me in. Let me give a little back story on how my best friend became my best friend.  I have known her husband and his family for a very long time. Me, my siblings, him, his siblings all went to high school together (not at the same time mind you) our Mom's are even best friends. So when I came out to Utah they kind of took me in and me and Krissa have been besties ever since. I love this woman she is awesome! We laugh constantly, talk all the time, and make a great duo in the kitchen! Because of knowing them I have had the blessing of becoming an honorary aunt to their kids Rylee and Nolan. I love those little monsters ever so much and have learned many a valuable lesson from them.... like don't let a toddler who is potty training drink a rootbeer during the movie cause he will likely pee his pants and you will have to leave early...... but I digress. Back on track. Christmas. So they took me in this year and I had a marvelous Christmas we read  from the scriptures, made cookies for Santa opened presents (and wrapped a bazillion presents) and on Christmas morning the house was full of laughter as Rylee, Nolan and their sweet and precious cousins Megan, Connor and Amaya opened their presents. It was a Christmas I will never forget and am thankful I have such wonderful "family" in Utah.

P.S. They also got me a Kindle for Christmas... they are definitely on my A- List. Just kidding. But seriously.

My friend Dan

So yesterday we celebrated my friend Dan's 27th birthday! Let me just take a minute and tell everyone how awesome Dan is. He is the kind of guy that is always there for a friend in need, always has a shoulder to cry on, some how just magically knows when you need a hug or need to talk, doesn't take himself to seriously, but when your having a serious conversation he gives the best advice or just listens when you need to talk. I don't think he has ever met a stranger and he loves people unconditionally and will be friend anyone. I have only known him for about a year, but because of him being in my life it has been one of the best years, Fact. We always have fun whether we are just hanging out and baking cookies till the wee hours of the morning, going on a last minute camping trip or going to a rock concert I have made tons of memories with this guy.
 He is a man of faith and has a strong testimony of our religion and because of his testimony and example my own testimony has grown. He truly is just flippin awesome and everyone who meets him instantly loves him.  Oh one last fact he gets genuinely excited for the silliest presents i.e He loves the solar system and is fascinated by different stars planets and galaxies, so far Christmas I got him a very juvenile albeit informative pop up book of the solar system and he was so pumped and like a kid in a candy store. So that's my friend Dan in a nutshell. Not sure if he will ever read this... not even sure if he knows I have a blog, but if he does read it... Dan I love you and your one of the greatest friends a person could hope for. 

New Year, New Me!

New Year's resolutions have never been my thing. EVER. I do it for like 2 days then I am back to normal Caity, but this year is different, I will be turning 26 in May and I do not want to look like the broadside of a barn when that day comes.

So I have started the Insanity work out videos with one of my best friends Arielle and even though she doesn't need to do it she is being a trooper and doing it with me. For the past couple of months her our friend Brad and myself have been holding each other accountable for our diets and trying to eat healthier and so far I have dropped about 15lbs with just changing my diet. So now I need to throw the fitness in too. I am excited to start this year off right. I am excited to feel comfortable in my own skin, it has  been a long time coming.

I will be taking before and after pictures and will post those in 90 days when I can actually stomach to look at myself in a sports bra. Wish me luck. this is day one and already my thighs are killing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Judgement Free Zone right???

O.K. Confession time, the other day I bought a pocket version of "Dating for Dummies"   for 2.99 at T.J.Maxx, now before you start rolling your eyes and judging me let me explain; it was a friends birthday and I intended it to be a gag gift and after I bought it I remembered that said friend is currently in a relationship and after my  'ahh crap'  moment I decided to read it, because however reluctant I am to admit I am indeed VERY single. Surprisingly enough it has some good points and there were a couple of times I was like "well crap, I have been there done that". After reading the 10 page manual I came away with two bits of advice for my fellow single twenty-somethings, here it goes:

After a GREAT date and you are anticipating that call for the second one remember this : "Dont worry, be happy. Nothing besides nuclear holocaust, is the end of the world"

After a BAD date and you are feeling depressed, revolted, angry or whatever do this simple trick: "Count how many days you have been alive. Subtract only one." It doesn't seem so bad now eh?


So I like to think of myself as a fairly crafty person and normally most of the things I make come out pretty darn good, but lately I have taken up crocheting and so far the hat I am making is looking like it was mean't for Hagrid from Harry Potter. I am trying to finish off the edges so it looks like one of those things that holds your hair. I will post picture soon. Promise.